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Anthony Dodds is a freelance fashion and lifestyle photographer and film maker, currently living between Bali, Indonesia and Berlin, Germany. His clients include Deus Ex Machina, New Balance, Raen, Toni&Guy, Fella Swim and Tigha. His work is frequently featured in publications world wide such as Yak Magazine, Huck Magazine, Desillusion Magazine, Surfer’s Journal, Surfer, Surfing World, Chronicle, Slide, Blue Magazine, Bali Belly Magazine.

Born in 1985 in the south west of England, Dodds graduated from Falmouth University in 2009 with a degree in Photography. Within a year of graduating he had left Europe for Asia, searching for elusive imagery within cities and across countries, from metropolises like Tokyo to the backwaters of Laos. He finally settled in Indonesia, on the island of Bali. Here he spent 6 years working on a variety of personal photography projects and as a commercial photographer, shooting fashion, lifestyle, sports, and events.


Dodds’ service as a photographer and creative director prioritise leading your concept forward in any work assigned, by visually lay-outing and brainstorming on the story of your brand or idea.


Get in touch: photography@anthonydodds.com